Missed Appointment Policy


 Advanced Veterinary Care is committed to providing all of our patients with exceptional care.  When we set up an appointment with you, a specific amount of time is reserved especially for you, your pet, and our Doctor.

When you miss or cancel an appointment the same day, you prevent other patients from receiving the medical or surgical care from our doctors; i.e., the care they need and deserve.

Since the start of Covid-19, the demand for veterinary services has increased tremendously:  Daily, we turn away sick pets because we can’t fit them in and yet daily we have multiple last minute cancellations or no-shows.  Ultimately, it’s a tough position we have found ourselves in, turning away sick pets, unnecessarily. So we have created our “Missed Appointment” policies, to help ensure we are able to care for as many pets as needed–on any given day.

For All Appointments:

 We require, at least, 24-hours advanced notice to cancel or re-schedule outpatient examinations.

  •  The First Missed Appointment or late/same-day cancellation will be excused, no fee incurred.
  • After The Second Missed Appointment, a non-refundable “Missed Exam” fee must be paid up before rescheduling and/or receiving any other services from AVC

IF you miss or cancel without advanced notice more than twice, AVC reserves the right to ask you to find veterinary services elsewhere.

For Late Appointments:

  • If you arrive late; i.e., 10-minutes or more for an appointment:

–You may have to re-schedule altogether OR

–IF the schedule permits, wait depending upon the veterinarian’s schedule an based on the time available, your         appointment might be  “curbside”.

–Depending on the schedule, a “Late Exam” fee may be charged.

 For Surgical Procedures/Appointments:

We require, at least, 72-hours advanced notice to cancel or re-schedule surgical procedures.

  •  All surgical procedures now require an upfront deposit, — based on the specific procedure.
  •  IF you cancel your dental or surgical procedure, without providing a 72-hour notice and or are a no-show, then the surgical deposit already paid for becomes a non-refundable surgical fee.




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