Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, and Hamsters

Companion Mammals include Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Hedgehogs, Chinchillas and Sugar Gliders in addition to Rabbits and Ferrets.  Dr. Chace recommends that all companion mammals have an annual examination, to ensure medical problems are discovered early and treated for before the long term health of your pet has been compromised. Annual appointments also provide an opportunity to discuss new strategies in nutrition, environment and medicine for your pet.  Common issues among these pets include parasite infestation from lice, mites and fleas.  Also teeth, which grow continuously in gerbils, guinea pigs and hamsters, often require trimming.

Examinations for illness or injured companion animals requires prompt attention:  Due to their high metabolic rate and low stamina, companion mammal pets can develop serious consequences in a short time (minutes to hours).  Do not hesitate to call Dr. Chace to  have your pet examined immediately.

Dr. Chace has 30-years of experience in companion mammal surgery from elective neutering and spaying to complicated general and orthopedic surgery.  Our experienced Technicians will monitor your pet before, during and after the procedure providing the essential nursing care to ensure your pet’s procedure is successful.







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