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    …& Keeping Everyone Safe
    by offering:
    “Curbside Veterinary Services”!

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  • Curbside Veterinary Services

    -Appointment Check-ins / Check-outs
    -Pharmaceuticals /Food/ Preventative /Medicine Requests Fulfilled

    …ALL handled curbside !

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  • Welcome To Advanced Veterinary Care!

    Compassionate Care for Your Dogs, Cats & Exotics!

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  • Dogs, Cats and Exotics Too!

    Dr. Marko’s experience includes exotic pet medicine, surgery and animal husbandry.

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  • Advanced Veterinary Care: Champions of Excellent Care!

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  • Continuity of Care

    Advanced Veterinary Care’s individualized “Circle of Care” case management approach ensures optimal communication and medical care!

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  • Collaboration

    The key to great patient care!

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  • Client Education

    Our patient-centered focus helps to create informed options for your pet’s care!

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  • Advanced Technology

    Laser therapy offers a non-surgical treatment option for: arthritis, sprains-strains-fractures, degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia and More!

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In the News

Advanced Veterinary Care is:

A full-serviced, state-of-the-art, AAHA-accredited pet hospital led by our 3 associate DVMs:
Dr. Nicole Sylvestre, Dr. Bridget Kviten, and Dr. Chelsea Marko.
AVC offers preventative and comprehensive medical care including:

• In-house lab diagnostics
• Digital radiography
• Surgery: Orthopedic & soft tissue
• Laser therapy
• Ultrasonography
• Therapeutic dental health
• Senior preventative care
• Nutritional counseling
• Behavioral counseling
• Emergency & critical care

Dogs, Cats & Exotics Too!

Dr. Marko's experience includes exotic pet medicine, surgery and animal husbandry.
•rabbits •reptiles
•ferrets •amphibians
•guinea pigs •rats
•hamsters •birds
•chinchillas •mice
•hedgehogs •chickens
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• Same day appointments available!
• Upon request, you may Drop Off your pets!
Ph: (860) 677-0309
*** We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or Care Credit.

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Experience the Advanced Veterinary Care Difference!

Depth of Experience:
Advanced Veterinary Care employs only Certified, Associate and/or Experienced Veterinary Technicians, to ensure the most knowledgeable and experienced “Team” at your service!
Circle-of-Care Case Management Approach:
For every appointment, each client is assigned a Primary Technician, to oversee all patient care -- from start-to-finish.

Such individualized attention serves to ensure clear communication and optimal care for your beloved companions!
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“I dream of summers that last fur-ever.” — Unknown